It is a book of values education which tells the importance of Ramadan in Islam with stories. The stories in the book include feelings and behaviors such as respect, love, help, sharing, humility, loyalty, honesty, which should be between people. All these beautiful features are conveyed by a story that happens in Ramadan. The main topics of the stories are:

  • While going back home from tarawih prayer on a Ramadan evening, a family adopts a child, who is about to freeze in the street. The drama and joy of an adult whose lost his father years ago and found his father on a day of Ramadan.
  • Elif who keeps a Ramadhan diary and tells the traces left in her heart from Ramadan,
  • Zeal of the children who work at the mosque construction and their efforts to finish the construction before Ramadhan. -Child who eats a plum mistakenly and thinks that his fast is broken and his grandfather’s consolation.
  • Ramadan evenings with uncles who tell the story of Islam
  • Memories of Ramadan happened in the village.
  • Ramadan in school. Breaking fast during the course hours with adhan.
  • Children mobilized to distribute help packages for needy.
  • Ramadhan celebration of the children who gathered from all around the world in the courtyard of a mosque.
  • Ramadhan celebrations with neighbors and relatives… The stories in the book were designed as if they were written by a child in order to address to children better. The book addresses to 9-12 years old children. The beauties of Ramadan such as iftar, sahur, mosques, skylight between mosque minarets, tarawih, fasting, and prayers were conveyed. The main purpose of the book is to motivate and encourage children for fasting and prayers.
  • Publication Number:31
  • Author(s): Nehir Aydın Gökduman
  • Pages: 208
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Hard Cover
  • Barcode : 9786051742670
  • Translated in: English
  • Original Name:Ramazan Yağmuru
  • Original Language:Turkish
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