About Us

Who we are

Damla Publishing was established in 1974 in Istanbul, Turkey as the first publishing house that dedicated itself to only children’s books and literature.

In the meantime, Damla extended their focus area with Mihrabad Publishing which includes historical, literature and fictional novels especially detective books. After 1990, the company decided to widen its range and became involved in scholastic books as well. It organized a very well professional working team which consisted of great illustrators, writers, graphic designers and editors.

Damla Publishing has recently more than 400 official agencies both in Turkey and abroad and has more than 1500 sale points. Damla Publishing have published more than 2750 different titles now and is one of the biggest publishers in Turkey. Damla Publishing has been awarded as the best children’s book publisher in 2008 by Association of Turkish Authors and represents Turkish literature in over 15 book fairs abroad annually.