The Ghost on the Mountain

Sara Gürbüz Özeren,

The Ghost on the Mountain

Culture, Novel,


Melih and his father go their chalet. His mother and daughter plan to join them later. Melih sleeps alone in his room many times and he does not like it because he is afraid of being alone. His father never helps him to deal with his fear. He wants Melih to get rid of this fear by his own. One day, his father goes to city center to buy some stuff and Melih stays home alone. He gets bored and decides to go out and take a walk. After a while, he changes his mind and returns home. When returning home, he sees a stranger. He runs after him but never finds the unknown man. Their neighbor, Mustapha, visits them. Melih learns that his friends, İpek and Enes comes to their chalet and he decides to visit them the following day. He tells them about the ghost that he saw the day before. They don’t believe in him and Enes thinks that he thinks this way just because he is scred of being alone. One day, their neighbours come to their chalet for breakfast. Melih leaves the breakfast table and goes out to take some fresh air but sees the same ghost again and gets scared. One day, he wakes up in the middle of the night and hears some voices coming from downstairs. His father talks to someone and Melih thinks that the guy looks like the ghost he saw. He wonders what the ghost did ask from his father and tells this story to Enes. Melih, Enes and his sister İpek begin searching for the ghost and they see an abandoned cottage and find the ghost’s mask inside. They leave the cottage but get lost. After a while, their parents hear the screams and find them. Melih’s father punishes him. When the punishment gets over, Melih goes out again and sees the ghost and ask him who he is. The ghost catches and pushes him down. Melih gets scared and runs away. Melih, together with Enes and his sister Sedef, starts searching the ghost once again but they come across a grizzly. The ghost saves them from the grizzly’s attack. They keep looking for the ghost. Suddenly, Melih gets lost and his friends find him in a position in which his arms tied up and mouth taped. One night, the ghost comes to Melih’s chalet and leaves his mask there. Now, Enes, Melih and their neighbour Kerim starts a new search for the ghost. They find a big rock and hope that the ghost would be around it. The ghost appears behind a secret door, threatens them and ties them all up in the cave. They escape the cave and return home while trying to not to be caught by the arrows that the ghost throws at them. Melih always thinks that the ghost isn’t an evil man and the reason why he acts like this is to protect them. The following day, they return to the cave but see no one. They go back home. The next morning, they go to collect some mushrooms and see a dead body and realize that he is the ghost. They take his mask out of his face and get surprised. Because the ghost has a flat face which is full of scars and no eyebrows. A horrible face! To keep their last promise to the ghost, they let their parents know about the situation. The ghost was a mental patient who suffered from hansen disease, that’s why he ran and made a new life for himself on the mountain. They make a grave for him, surround it by flowers and pray for him. Everybody believes that he was not an evil person and he protected them many times.

  • Publication Number:30
  • Author(s): Sara Gürbüz Özeren
  • Pages: 208
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Hard Cover
  • Barcode : 9786051743035
  • Translated in: English
  • Original Name:Dağdaki Hayalet
  • Original Language:Turkish
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