The Underground Mystery

Necati Akbaba,

The Underground Mystery

Culture, Novel,


Three close friends, Oumar, Ozan and Sena often spent their times altogether during that summer vacation. They were playing with a ball in Oumar’s garden. Sena hit the ball and it got away and finally fell down in a hole. They tried to take the ball back but were unaware of the tiny timbers that they did stand on, on the edge of the hole. The timbers cracked and they fell down in the hole. While they were thinking of how to get out of the hole, they realized the hieroglyphics on the walls. They finally made it out of the ell. Oumar had taken some photos of the hieroglyphics and started making a search of what they meant. It said “ The paths that lead to the great treasure for the brave ones who fear nothing…

The friends who will find the true light on the fourteenth month.” The following day, the trio got together in front of the well again. They were ready for this adventurous treasure hunt. The wall where the hieroglyphics were written on was so hard and Oumar tried to find a lever. They finally made the wall move by following the hints they collected and found a long and dark tunnel behind the wall. After a while, the tunnel got widened and the ceiling got higher. They realized that there were booby traps everywhere. When they ran away from a booby trap, the ground cracked down and they fell down for minutes long to even deeper points. They found themselves in a wide cave. It was surrounded by a valley and a fall by each sides. They started walking on a path that was located on the opposite side of the valley. After walking for a while they came across one more tunnel. When they entered into the tunnel, they saw the same hieroglyphics and while getting closer to the exit, they got surprised because they heard some birds singing and smooth sound of waterfalls.

They were amazed by the beauty of green forest standing in front of them once they exited from the tunnel. They looked up to the sky but there were no clouds, no sky, no sun. There only was a whiteness and the source of light that looked like a sun but obviously it was not. They started wondering around and came cross two boys named Rocky and Darian. The boys told them the entire story about the place and the trio thought this place must be established on artificial foundations by some people. Darian hosted the trio in their house and they told Darian’s father about the life they have on the surface. The system had forced Darian’s father to go on a duty and when he heard of all these stories about the life on the surface, he decided to go against this wrong order. The protectors named as The Chosen Ones had lived in a palace.

The trio got themselves accepted to work in the palace and learn about all the secret plans of the Chosen Ones and revealed them to the folks. One night, the folks marched to the palace and started a huge riot. The system was successfully down! The trio took an advantage of this chaotic situation and made a way out of that place through a passage. When they finally returned home by the help of police officers, they told the whole story to their parents but no one believed in them. After that day, they often got together and looked at the photos of the mysterious caves and tunnels and smiled at each other.

  • Publication Number:33
  • Author(s): Necati Akbaba
  • Pages: 224
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Hard Cover
  • Barcode : 9786051743257
  • Translated in: English
  • Original Name:Yeraltındaki Gizem
  • Original Language:Turkish
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