Rookie Inspector 3

Esra Avgören,

Rookie Inspector 3

Culture, Story,


Fatma was thinking that she had a fun weekend. Firstly she finished her homework. She needed a calculator to check her math homework. She asked permission from her mother to take her brother’s calculator. Her mother permitted but although she rummaged the room, she couldn’t find it. A genius idea popped into her head. She was going to take her brother’s tablet and use its calculator, read a book, watch a video. Then she was going to sleep. She went to school after waking up with a tablet in her hand, dizzy. Of course, she didn’t forget to put the tablet into her bag. After a boring class of the new Turkish teacher, she ran out to the garden as soon as she heard the break bell. But when she came back, she found her bag open and saw it was empty. The tablet was gone. This was such an awful situation. How was it stolen when no one saw the tablet? Her best friend, Ali was, immediately came to help. They’ve got two clues; the thief was left-handed and a short yarn part. They checked everyone in the school canteen to find out whom the yarn part belongs to. And of course, they found out the thief shortly after. Fatma got off cheap this time.

  • Publication Number:41
  • Author(s): Esra Avgören
  • Pages: 112
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Hard Cover
  • Barcode : 9786051740317
  • Translated in: Türkçe
  • Original Name:Dedektif Kuruntusu 3 Kimin Bu İplik?
  • Original Language:Turkish
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